John P. Milton 
John is a pioneering ecologist, Woodrow Wilson scholar, corporate adviser, author, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader and shaman. His life's work has culminated into the unique organization known as Way of Nature, providing deep and enlightening experiences in nature for people around the world.
When John is not travelling around the world, he lives in Crestone/ Colorado/ USA.

After three Nature Quests, and a Sarcred Passage last year, we are very pleased to welcome John again to Austria.



Walter Bertolini
Living in Vienna, he has been working many years as a systemic Organizational Consultant  and Leadership Coach, founding member of werk4 and inspirational Leadership Project 'Essenz der Führung'. He rediscovered the power of being at one with wild Nature years ago and is deeply inspired by John's lifework and is building up Way of Nature Austria.

Walter, being a Nature Guide himself, will assist John and together with Din the participants during this retreat. Together with highly esteemed colleague Bruno, he hosts this wonderful event.

Din April 18.jpg
Din van Helden
Living in Vienna, she is working on an entrepreneur base in Organizational Development (Stroom). She facilitate reflective and generative dialogues and is passionate about integrating nature in learning processes.

Din, being a Nature Guide herself and Way of Nature Austria member, will assist John and together with Walter guide the participants during this retreat. Moreover, she will provide her wealth of experience.

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Monica Boos

Living in Konstanz, broadly trained business consultant and coach, loving mother; as catalyst for change in people development she is passionate about inspiring people and teams to develop their full potential. For this she can build on a plethora of experiences as business leader and entrepreneur.


During her nature retreats with John, Walter and Din, Monica discovered the strong power of (being in) nature and engaged in the work of the group of Way of Nature Austria. Together with Din she guides Mini Nature Retreats.