Nature Quest

'Retreat and reflect, allow your inner knowing to emerge'    -  Brian Arthur

Awareness Training 

The NATURE QUEST 2023 starts off with a 1 1/2 day awareness training at our base camp. This provides you with the appropriate tools to get into a relaxed, present and open-hearted state, allowing a deeply rooted connection with 'Source' Awareness to emerge. The awareness training also provides practices to help you awaken your inherent connection to nature and interconnection to all life. By cultivating this level of awareness, you will be prepared for the AllOne Time in Nature.


Start: Summer 2023 - still in planning

Solitude in Wild Nature

The Awareness Training is followed by 4 day & 3 night of solitude (AllOne time) in the remote and beautiful mountain range of the Southern Carpathians (Fagaras Mountains). Your AllOne time can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, a substantial increase in creativity and mental clarity, and feelings of deep peace, gratitude and purpose. Your perception becomes refined, revealing a centered and harmonious level of awareness, which will leave you well equipped to handle any challenge that life may have to offer.


Reintegration Training

Upon re-entry from your AllOne solo time, we guide you through a 1 1/2 day reintegration (tempering) process. This training provides the tools needed to integrate your experience back into your everyday life. You will learn how to maintain harmony within yourself and your environment, therefore expanding your capabilities. This is a truly valuable process that helps you to ground your AllOne time experience and apply it to your life in ways that are both practical and profound.


End:  Summer 2023 - still in planning